Making Austria Quantum Secure

QCI-CAT will establish the first Austrian national wide quantum communication network and test future quantum security endeavors

QCI-CAT forms the Austrian national project of the European Commission’s EuroQCI initiative. With this, the EU will transform their way of communication to a new, groundbreaking form with security guarantee – granted by the laws of nature.

With our top level researchers at five different universities, large industrial partners with grand expertise in security topics and great cooperations from Austrian ministries, QCI-CAT will be one of the prime examples to contribute to EuroQCIs overall endeavor. Our consortium is bringing together a mature ecosystem of technology suppliers, integrators & operators and finally end-users, which will allow the project to perform its activities as close as possible to the real operation of QKD secured communication networks.


Exchange of Genome Data

Quantum Secured Secret Sharing between Authorities

HSM Back-Up Using Quantum Key Distribution

Real-time Quantum Secure Communication in Audio and Video

Some exemplary figures of the project

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