All public deliverables that are produced as part of the work on QCI-CAT will be made available for download here. Deliverable downloads will be added after the deliverables have been accepted by the European Commission.

The public deliverables are as follows:

  • D4.2: QKD system comparison
  • D6.1: Report on HSM key-wrapping via QKD based VPN
  • D7.1: Report on Medical Use Case demonstration
  • D7.2: Intermediary Report on Medical Use Case Demonstration
  • D8.1: Prototype of the UIBK Quantum Repater
  • D8.2: AIT-DV QKD System
  • D8.3: PQC-hardened Key Management Systems for QKD
  • D9.1: Online platform for training of users and engineers in quantum communication
  • D9.2: Pilot training period for public and private stakeholders
  • D10.1: QCI-CAT webpage
  • D10.2: Dissemination, communication and exploitation plan
  • D10.3: National EuroQCI workshop
  • D10.4: Report on communication, dissemination, end user workshops and exploitation activities