The following table provides an overview of all scientific publications that were published in connection with QCI-CAT.

Muckle+: End-to-End Hybrid Authenticated Key ExchangesSonja Bruckner, Sebastian Ramacher, Christoph StriecksEnd-to-End authenticity, Muckle+, post-quantum digital signatures, PQC, hybrid authenticated key exchange (HAKE)Publisher, ePrint (open access)
Key Management Systems for Large-Scale Quantum Key Distribution NetworksPaul James, Stephan Laschet, Sebastian Ramacher, Luca TorresettiKey Management System (KMS), Quantum Key Distribution Network (QKDN), PQC Hybridization, ETSI GS QKD 004Publisher (open access)
Quantum-resistant End-to-End Secure Messaging and Email CommunicationChristoph Döberl, Wolfgang Eibner, Simon Gärtner, Manuela Kos, Florian Kutschera, Sebastian RamacherDelta Chat, quantum-resistant cryptography, end-to-end secure messaging, PQCPublisher (open access)