Best of both worlds: Combining quantum and PQC security aspects

QCI-CAT will deploy a QKD testbed facility using existing fiber infrastructures in the city of Vienna and Graz. We will combine state-of-the-art modern encryption techniques such as post-quantum cryptography (PQC) with quantum key distribution protocols in a way that is easily adaptable and implementable in order to spread sensitive information among different Austrian authorities, hospitals and universities.

Going for the long haul

In order to set a cornerstone for a long-term international quantum communication between Austria and EuroQCI participating countries, QCI-CAT will employ a link between Graz and Vienna, implementing top-security features such as trusted nodes and testing highly experimental quantum repeaters in order to bridge this unusual high distance in the realms of quantum key distribution.

Strongly user oriented training programs

Since QKD devices and state-of-the-art encryptors are fairly technical assets, QCI-CAT will provide strongly user oriented training programs for the different target groups (technicians, engineers, academics, business enthusiasts,…), in order to guarantee high quality standards in the project related work force.


Implementing a quantum secure communication network is not only in the best interest of Austria, but of the whole European Union, therefore, QCI-CAT strongly cooperates, collaborates and communicates with the other participating national EuroQCI projects, in order to set spread the early seed for the overall EU goal.